Cashflow with confidence

Your source for turnkey rental properties

When starting your journey into real estate investing, you need a source for two things: properties cash flowing and a reliable team.

Do you have boots on the ground? Are each of the properties in your portfolio carefully chosen for longevity and cashflow?

LLP Investments: Your source for turnkey rental properties

  • Recently rehabbed—so your major repairs have already been done.
  • Tenants in place—paying market rents.
  • Reliable property manager—handling the day-to-day work.

Qualify for funding

Commercial lenders typically require a 1.25 debt coverage ratio (DCR) for loans on investment properties. LLP Investments makes sure all our offered properties meet this requirement.

Available Properties

Simplify your transactions

We help make buying cashflow properties simple and stress-free. All properties we sell already have tenants in place, paying market-rate rents. We only offer properties cash flowing from day one, to make growing your portfolio as streamlined as possible.

How it works

  1. We talk with you in depth about your goals and investment priorities.
  2. When we secure properties meeting your needs, we send you the financials.
  3. If you decide to move forward, we facilitate an easy, remote closing.

You don’t need to go through your real estate investing journey alone—we can walk with you on each step of the way to enjoying passive income from cashflow properties.

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Value-added services


with local, experienced property managers.

Proven vendors

for inspections, valuations, insurance, financing, title, and closing.

Financial Data

including time from rehab to getting tenants in place.

Available Properties

Our business is built on relationships of trust. We work hard to bring our clients solid cashflow deals in reliable markets, because we understand that our longevity depends on your investments producing cashflow without you being on-site to manage them.

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About us

Our connections, your team

The LLP Investments team includes a vetted network of real estate professionals for all aspects of real estate investing: hard-money lenders, bank loan officers, realtors, property managers, and more.

You’ll enjoy the ease of transactions with LLP Investments. We reduce fees by doing only direct buyer-to-seller transactions.

Starting off right

We highly recommend you set up a limited liability company (LLC) before purchasing rentals. This offers greater legal protection than owning investment properties in your personal name. Our network includes trusted business professionals who can help you register your LLC properly—just ask and we’ll give you a referral.

If you’re ready to learn more, reach out to us.

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